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From new construction and renovation to service calls and everything in between, you can rely on Eco-Volt for all your home electrical needs. As your electrical specialists in the St. John’s metro area, we specialize in handling a variety of services, including electrical installations and repairs, indoor and outdoor lighting, wiring, and other electrical upgrades.


In an aging community with a lot of heritage, we understand how important electrical upgrades can be for user functionality, and more importantly safety when it comes to your home electrical system. Our licensed and experienced electricians know how to spot any potentially hazardous conditions and determine the electrical demands for a specific home.


Whether you’re in need of electrical installation, or repair and maintenance services, we have a team of professionals to get your service calls handled in an efficient manner. We pay close attention to detail and provide long-lasting solutions based on your unique requirements. Our experts approach every job with the right skills, experience, and attitude to deliver the professional, top-notch result your home deserves.


Our services include:

New home construction

Home renovation projects

Repairs and maintenance

Panel/service upgrades

Lighting upgrades

Generator panel installations

Heat pump electrical installations

Electrical inspections

Let us make your home as safe as it can be with the latest technology and the attention to detail you expect from our electricians. Call us today for free estimates.


Our electricians are dedicated to providing reliable and durable solutions and choices when it comes to residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

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